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May 30, 2012


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If you have a Wacom digital tablet, and you use it a lot, you may occasionally encounter unexpected problems.  Have your brush dynamics stopped working? Is your screen mapping incorrect (cursor does not reach all fours edges of display area)? Do you experience intermittent cursor movement or none at all? Do you suffer from unexpected clicking? For Intermittent cursor or unexpected clicking, jump to step 4. Otherwise let's start with some simple steps that often help.

1) The simplest thing to try is rebooting your computer (and also restart your drawing program.)

2) If any new software was recently installed, it might be causing a conflict. Did the symptoms begin on the same day the new software was installed? Try uninstalling it.

3) The next step is to uninstall and reinstall the Wacom drivers. Uninstall all drivers including drivers for previous tablets. Previous drivers can cause conflicts. Disconnect your tablet and reinstall the correct drivers. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions, and do not reattach the device prematurely. You can also check the Wacom website for newer drivers.

4) Intermittent cursor movement and unexpected clicking can be the result of broken wires inside the tablet cord. The wires inside the plastic cable can become damaged from pulling twisting and regular use even if the plastic casing seems perfectly fine. Damage is most likely to occur where the cable connects to the tablet. If you use something about the size of a popsicle stick or ball point pen and some tape to completely immobilize the cable at the connection point so it cannot bend or twist, you may resolve your problem. Cables can also be replaced, but consult your manufacturer about prices and warranty coverage. Remember that attempted home replacement may void your warranty if you have one.

Concept Art's Wacom troublshooting section:… and general wacom threads:…

good luck
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blackcat498888 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
my tablet pen will not move at the cursor all! the light on the tablet lights up when i hover and press down, and my computer doesn't seem to recognize the fact that i'm using a tablet... but using my finger works.
is there something wrong with the pen?
April-Cakes Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student General Artist
As of about an hour ago my tablet has been drawing only swiggly diagonal lines. 

The tablet was working just fine, then the cursor started to "jump and waver" erratically when I would hover my pen (it was not my hand and it has never done this before) Now, it is only working to make long diagonal wavy lines not matter which way I draw on the tablet.

I have rebooted my computer multiple times, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, I have changed USB ports and I have also changed cords. I have a wireless kit for it, and have tried using it as well. Nothing seems to be working. I can't seem to get it to work, please if you know of any solutions, please please please let me know.

I am using a windows 8 toshiba satellite laptop, as well as a Bamboo Create wacom tablet and pen.
FriendlyHand Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
If you can try it and the tablet works properly on another computer, then it is probably a software problem on your laptop

If the tablet has the same problem on another computer then your tablet or pen may be damaged.

if you recently installed new software on your laptop (between the last time you used your tablet and when the symptom started), there might be a conflict. you could try uninstalling it.

I don't know of a tablet setting that would cause this symptom, but if you recently enabled anything like pen tilt sensitivity or something, you could try disabling it.

also try using a different default brush or pencil in case there is some kind of custom setting on the current one

if you have more than one stylus or know someone with the same stylus type, try swapping them as a test.

also be sure to search Wacom's forum for similar problems.

Good luck!
Daughter-of-Kabegami Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As of recently, whenever I go into Manga Studio 5 to start drawing, the pen pressure turns itself off. The box is still checked to say that pen pressure sensitivity is still on, yet the line does not change in size, even when I press down really hard, then lightly brush the tablet's surface; the line stays the same.
I've tried rebooting my computer, I had not installed anything the day this started, my Wacom Intuos was the first tablet I've ever had, and the wire is still in good condition.
I've tried adjusting the pen pressure sensitivity settings for the tablet and in the program I use, and neither works.
Every once in a while, it fixes itself. I open the program and it works perfectly fine. Or, I will have it be okay, then mess up. I draw one line, it's fine. I draw another, pen pressure is gone. Sometimes, I play around with the settings in the program and tablet settings or close and reopen the program and it fixes itself for  no obvious reason. Most of the time, it does not and I cannot draw because the lack of pen pressure sensitivity makes it difficult for me to work with.
Help please? I have yet to find somebody who has had this same issue.
FriendlyHand Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sometimes other programs (like GIMP) screw with the pressure sensitivity. But I don't know enough about your computer to make a suggestion.
I'd recommend consulting wacom's forum or Manga studio's forum.

If you have any free programs like gimp installed, I'd try uninstalling them, rebooting and testing the tablet again.
Daughter-of-Kabegami Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I followed your recommendations and have yet to have any difficulty with pen sensitivity in the past three days.
I think it may have worked, thank you very much.
I will refer to the Wacom and Manga Studio forums if these problems occur again, but considering the fact that I have never gone this long without it turning off pen sensitivity, I believe the problem is solved, thank you.
CreatorsandCreations Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
My tablet is working fine, but for some reason when I go in SAI is switches from mouse mode to pen mode, even when both SAI and my tablet are set to mouse mode.
I've tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the Wacom driver and even downloading one off of the Wacom website, but it's still doing it
I really need your help!
FriendlyHand Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
The person in the following thread tried some of the things mentioned in the thread and it seemed to work for him:…

Might have to change the same setting more than once when switching between programs or something.

Hope that helps!
CreatorsandCreations Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nevermind, it's still doing it. : <
CreatorsandCreations Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I tried that, but at first it didn't seem to work
then I tried hitting the option mulitple times, and now she works!
only the pressure thing isn't working any more.

oh well, I can fix that on my own

Thank you very much!  :3
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